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In the distant future of 198X, the annual B.O.O.M. sports tournament attracts skilled athletes from across the globe to compete for glory, honor, and of course, a lump sump of cash.

B.O.O.M. You Win is an explosive hot potato party game for one to four players where players gain points for holding onto an explosive ball for as long as possible before it explodes. Players will run around the environment, divekick, slide, and avoid explosives as they try to best their opponents by maintaining control of the objective without being blown up in the process.

This demo build is available to you unrestricted to play by yourself or locally with your friends, featuring four fully playable characters and three unique stages, as well as a heap load of customization options. To support the game and earn access to future beta/alpha builds of the game, as well as many other goodies, visit us at https://www.patreon.com/KickinRadGames

Or join the community and get the latest news straight from the developers by joining our discord here: https://discord.gg/WzryvYs


B.O.O.M. - You Win Demo Build 2018.zip 237 MB
Version 0.4.65 Aug 13, 2018
README.txt 6 kB


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Great game if you're after some fast paced, competitive fun with your friends. Love the amount of style it has as well. Keep it up guys! 

Fun game! I tried it out at PlayNYC and I knew I just had to download it to play at home with friends.