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In the distant future of 198X, the annual B.O.O.M. sports tournament attracts skilled athletes from across the globe to compete for glory, honor, and of course, a lump sump of cash.

B.O.O.M. You Win is an explosive hot potato party game for one to four players where players gain points by holding onto an explosive ball for as long as possible before it explodes. Players must dodge their opponents and avoid explosives as they try to  maintain control of the objective without being blown to pieces in the process. Featuring a simple pick up and play control scheme, B.O.O.M. is an explosive good time for players of all skill levels,


  • 7 playable characters each with their own unique abilities and customizable cosmetic options.
  • 8 stages of varying sizes. Duke out sports everywhere from the demolition derby to the back of a a live missile silo.
  • Single Player and Multiplayer game modes for players of all creed of gaming. Go head to head against your friends, or take on the arcade ladder to become King of Sports.
  • Hats. Lots of Hats. Put Lots of Cool Hats on Skeletons. Damn That's A Good Hat!

This early access build of the game, previously only available to patreon backers, allows players to get a well-rounded taste of the B.O.O.M. experience, as well as entitles them to future content updates including characters, stages, game modes, additional cosmetics, bug fixes, and balance tweaks. Because the game is currently not yet complete, certain features may be buggy or not yet be fully implemented. Upon release of the game, owners of the alpha build will be updated to a full version of this title.

Join our Discord Server at discord.gg/WzryvYs to chat with other B.O.O.M. players and give your feedback directly to the devs. Thank you for your support.


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lump sump?

of cash.